Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wow Cross season was Loonnnggg

Thought cross was going to help me have fun and keep in shape

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cross Season 2012

Ok so I don't update very much,  But I do have some news.. First I actually won a race..  Yes, I know thought it would never happen.  Turns out I'm a decent MTB especially in the Sport(Cat 2) class.  Also it doesn't hurt that the race was at Marsh Creek, and I've been chasing Geoff Smith around there for 6 months so I've gotten decent.

On to Cross season,  I've decide to "Try" this year so I bought a new carbon cross bike and Zipp 303s.  No excuse about heavy equipment.

I raced 3 MAC races so far and I'm getting progressively less sucky.  In fact at WhirlyBrid I actually cracked the top 20!

Gonna bear down with the goal to finish the series in the top 20.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Goal for this week be like "Jens Voigt" while on the CX Pain Train

OK I'm copying and pasting Jens Voigt's Basic Info from Face Book cause its hilarious and he is my Hero:
"I no longer have a shadow because I dropped it repeatedly until it climbed into the Saxo Bank team car claiming a stomach ailment and retired.

My big ring is 56. My rear cassettte is 11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-12.

I once challenged Lance Armstrong to see who had more testicles. I ended up winning by 5.

I don't get road rash, the road gets Jens Rash.

When I ride off the front of a peloton, i'm not actually riding faster, just pulling the earth closer towards me."

This week I will think like Jens as I'm riding the "Pain Train" Cross Style

Monday, September 12, 2011

Off Season and Cross Season

Enjoying my MTB and Cross-Bike.  Spent yesterday at Marsh Creek with Dave Grant on the MTB, lots of fun and only a smashed finger.   Really enjoy Mtn biking, would like to get to the point where I don't crash on every ride

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Had to post the poster!

Doing a quick hijack of Matt's blog to share that I'm not the only one that think Matt avatars well. Even with the posterizing of the photograph, it's very obviously Matt leading out the pack at last year's Tour de Millersburg.

Oh, and btw, Matt's team mate won the GC this year! Some great results for team mates and friends! Great job guys!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yet an Other Freakishly Accurate Avatar for Matt

Matt's Xbox Live avatar.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

All ya get is pictures

I took a couple of photos of the Iron Hill Twilight Criterium (just the 3/4 amatuer race as that's all I stayed for).

Matt had a good finish and all the guys looked great out there. Hard work from everyone. A good showing for their title sponsor's race. Great race guys!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ya, uh, hi...

Yes, Matt really does suck at blogging. Lucky for you, I went to the Habitat for Humanity race with him. It was a beautiful day, with some fab results.

I'm not good at the whole "discussing the race in minute detail", as I don't race (and that seems to be as much a part of racing as shaving your legs). However, we did get to see Marty win the Cat 3, and Joe finished 3rd in the 40+ (which is the race that Matt did).

FYI: I think if it weren't for the beard, Matt would look like a junior in the 40+ (but then most juniors are bigger than him)... but Matt did just point out that he is kind of the junior of the 40+.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

How to get your ass kicked in one training race

Nothing like starting the season on the right note. Today Matt and Tim went up Trexlertown, PA for a training crit. Basically, all catagories are thrown together (cat 5's thru pros), they ride around in circles and the pros crush the field.

Between the wind, the cold and the fact that those pros already have been racing this season, I think the boys did well. A good kick in the ass to motivate them for the upcoming season.

Matt's not sure what happened, but suddenly, there was a pack that lapped the field. Ya, the pace was hard. The wind was hard (especially for little Matt who was tossed around like a piece of paper in the wind). However, the boys stood strong and managed to hang on to them for the second split. So if it weren't for that lapped lap, they would've been right with them!

Last night was the the team's fundraiser at the Iron Hill Brewery. Good times! The team has grown quite a bit and it should be a good season for them!

First official race will be this weekend in Strasburg. Matt's not sure if he's going to do both the 40+ (his first) and the 3/4. Depends on Marty's schedule on the 40+. It also will effect if I go or not (the 40+ starts early... 8:30 and the 3/4 starts after 11:00). Oh, and weather. I'm not going if it's cold. No reason for me to suffer. I leave that to Matt.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Matt's Off Season Training

It might not be my powder room re-do (I'm told that's next on the list), but this is pretty sweet. Lot's of storage for my books and projects.

Thanks sweetie (and Keith)!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

30 Races Later...

...and the season comes to a close.

Matt did the Yuasa Right From the Start Crit on Sunday with not great results. He and Tim did the 1/2/3 race. Tim was taken down in the first lap on the final turn (which was very tricky... lots and lots of crashes). Tim was able to get up make it to the pit and get back on, but it's not a fun way to start a race. Matt had to close three gaps within 5 laps and he knew that he was done. You can only close gaps so often. He just didn't have it that day and abandoned. Tim did as well a few laps later.

Jason and Rick both crashed in their races. I think everyone is ready for the season to be over.

The team had a great year this year. Some great results, which I'll let Matt summerize. A few bad crashes, which is always hard to deal with. Let's hope that we see Bryan on his bike soon!

So Matt ended up doing a few more races this year than last year. I count 30 on the USA Cycling website, but I know that the site isn't always up to date.

However, I think he's glad the season is done. It's been a long season for him (his first race was back in March) and he raced a lot. He trained a lot. We spend a lot of time preparing for races.

Who knew that when he pulled that bike out to drop a few pounds that it would be 75 lbs and it would become such a part of our lives.

So congrats to everyone for a great season! Enjoy the winter... 5 months before the next race! Is that enough time to redo my downstairs powderroom?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tour de Christiana '07

Well Cindy has been posting most of racing info, but I've decided to get off my butt and give a race recap.

What a great racing Weekend. The team had great Results at Christiana with Kyle pulling off another GC 2nd in Cat 4 to go with his recent GC 2nd at Tour de Toona and Tim Getting GC 10th in Cat 3. Keith pulled a great finish at the Tour Of Medford Soloing the last 9 laps to take 1st place.. Best story of the Christiana weekend's was Kyle's Crit finish..

We get to the start finish line at the top of the hill in time to see the 2nd to the last lap of the Cat 4 Crit finish. We see Marty come over the top of the hill leading the pack and who's at the back of the pack, but Kyle... I thought to myself something must have happen to him and of course Kyle explained it all as he yelled out F#*K as he passed us. So I think what a shame the guy finished 1st in the Road race, but looks like he's going to have a crappy Crit. Then as the field charges up the hill on the final lap who's up on the front of the race but Kyle who takes 2nd place and Marty still there with an excellent 5th... what great job of moving thru the pack.. We catch back up with Kyle in the parking area and he explains how he was off the front in a break only to get tangled up in the corner going down in the orange netting... He scraped he's way back to the pack and then pulled the rabbit out of the hat on the last lap.. Nice Job...

I didn't start the weekend with an optimistic outlook , but had a good time and really enjoyed the Crit on Sunday very fast and technical .. Becoming my favorite type of race.

Monday, August 06, 2007

And then there were nine

Matt did the Deodate race on Saturday.

It was warm.

Okay, in fact it was hot.

Very hot.

There was no shade on the course.

The refs were even pacing the riders.

Only 9 riders finished the course for the Cat 3 race.

Keith was offering cold beer at the feed zone.

A break got away and Jim chased, but wasn't able to catch them. He finished 3rd.

Matt finished 6.

Matt wants everyone to know that it was hot.

Updated Correction: Matt wants me to reiterate that it was #^@#%%$ hot.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Next season's team bike

Here's Kyle testing the new team bikes for next season:

Just remember boys, we don't care about the size of the bike... just how you ride.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Okay, now we know why he's not winning...

Maybe a little less posing for the fans... or is he ordering a beer?

Hmmmm... maybe it's something the whole team needs to work on?
Millport 3/4 Race
... okay, the race is over (and I think Keith is still griping that Matt's not blocking enough wind in the cool down lap)
Photo courtesy of Phil Fox. check out the rest of the photos here.